Lucy Hale’s airport look proves that oversized band tees are major lazy girl fashion in 2017

If you’re wondering what to add to your style in 2017, don’t worry, because Lucy Hale has you covered with this ah-mazingly inspirational outfit. Lucy Hale’s airport look is strangely impressive considering we are super, super chill 9 out of 10 times we go to the airport. Because, well, it’s an airport, and we’re always running late. But for those days when we want to feel like a jet-setting celeb at the airport, this is a must try. Plus, Lucy Hale *is* our go-to for all things fashion, so this is yet another trend Lucy makes us want to try!

Honestly, we love everything happening here. The most ~lazy girl~ part of Lucy Hale’s airport look, of course, was the oversized band tee. She rocked this long, slightly frayed Blondie tee, and we’re so about it.


She wore a killer hat (to hide, we assume, that rough plane hair. Seriously, planes, why?!), and a simple necklace, but front and center, of course, was Lucy’s BFF Elvis.


We’re totally in love with how she paired her also oversized dalmatian print cardigan with black backless shoes with metallic detailing. It’s almost the inverse, and it looks so lovely.


Lucy Hale’s airport look is definitely one we’ll be keeping in mind the next time we want to impress whoever we’re visiting, or prove to our parents that yes, we are real adults who travel in nice, neat outfits. They don’t need to know how cozy leggings and a big tee are, especially not when they look this chic!