Lucy Hale kicked off her morning with this elegant look, because fashion icons start the day with a red lip

We never thought we’d say this, but the time may just have come for us to start waking up a *wee* bit earlier to put some effort into our look. While we’re all about minimalism (read: rolling out of bed and heading into the great outdoors like unapologetic champs), we’re also all about fashion, and there is a part of us that wants to step up our game. Fashion icon Lucy Hale just inspired us to get things moving in a big way, because she was up and ready to go so early this morning, and looking elegant as hell.

If she can do it, so can we! Plus, we want this level of selfie flawlessness at all hours of the day, and getting Lucy-level beautiful might make that a little bit easier.

Like, excuse me, who looks like this before noon!? Lucy, that’s who!

She captioned the gorgeous photo, writing,

"Early bird gets the red lip 💄💋"

What a beauty! She looks totally Hollywood retro, and we’re diggin’ it so much.

Lucy is a *queen* when it comes to trying out new lippies, like that time she went bold and blue for a shoot.

And when she went darker to hang with her mom.

Luckily, there are, in fact, some days when Lucy looks just like us.

Of course she’s still totally precious, but it does make us feel a little better to know that she’s human, too!

Sometimes Lucy doesn’t want to get out of bed, either. TG. We feel ya, lady.

After all, we all know the best accessory isn’t a red lip — it’s a beloved pup!

Chill or not, she’s such a beauty queen! Nothing but love for you, Lucy.