Lucy Hale just posted an Instagram that all short girls will relate to

It can be hard out there for short girls. While there are some benefits, people often (literally and figuratively) look down on short women. It can be harder to find clothing, reaching things may be difficult, and seeing your fave band at concerts can be almost impossible unless you get there early enough to be in front. You can also, as Lucy Hale pointed out in her recent Instagram post, sometimes feel teeny tiny when you’re out and about next to your more…spatially-gifted friends.

She posted a photo of a meme for short women that says, “How I feel next to my friends,” next to a photo of her next to Gigi Hadid from the iHeartRadio MMVAs, and made her point perfectly.

Lucy Hale is 5’2″, and Gigi Hadid is 5’10”, so they have a full eight inches between them (though who knows whether or not they’re wearing heels of the same height). However, their height difference doesn’t affect their friendship, and as all of us know, it doesn’t have to affect any of our friendships, either.

The tweet clearly struck a chord, and many of Hale’s followers on Instagram commented with laughing emojis, or said how true it was, or simply tagged friends — presumably either tall or short friends, to say, “This is so us!”

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