Lucy Hale just revealed she had a huge crush on one of her costars at the start of “Pretty Little Liars”

And we thought the drama of Pretty Little Liars was over…but there’s still more to come, apparently! In Ellen’s Show Me More Show on YouTube, the actresses — Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Shay Mitchell, Sasha Pieterse, Lucy Hale — played a game of Never Have I Ever, and we learned a lot. For example, two of the women had crushes on Bellisario’s dad from the show at one point. But more interestingly…

Lucy Hale totally had a crush on Ian Harding during Season 1!

In case the name isn’t ringing any bells, Ian Harding played Ezra, Aria’s teacher slash love interest, whom she eventually married in the finale — and no, she did not want to confess this long kept secret for the video. This is some prime gossip, and we’re suckers for a good on-screen romance turned real life. Although we don’t know if Lucy Hale ever told Ian Harding about her crush, or if anything happened there…

Welp, now he knows!

We would, however, really like to see a version of this game with Harding, so we could find out if Hale’s secret feelings were reciprocated. (Listen, now that Pretty Little Liars is over, we’re desperate for a little gossip, okay? LET US LIVE.)

This whole game of Never Have I Ever, though, is suuuuper worth a watch.

Not only do we get to hear about everybody’s on set crush, but we also find out which of the actresses made their assistant cry. (Spoilers: It wasn’t happy tears, as the assistant confirms on set…) Along with other salacious details about PLL life that we’re happy to get the scoop on.

Turns out, these pretty little liars are pretty truthful, after all.