Lucy Hale’s latest Insta pic proves she got her eyebrows from her papa

While most of us spend a crazy amount of time and money trying to get the perfect full, lush eyebrows, Lucy Hale’s full brows come from her dad, and she’s got the picture to prove it.

Now that Pretty Little Liars has officially ended, Hale is taking advantage of her free time, enjoying time with family and friends. And in her latest Instagram selfie, she proves that those enviable eyebrows come straight from daddy dearest, and we are definitely jealous.

Hale and her dad were hanging out in Vancouver, and she shared a sweet shot of herself with her dad Preston, who has the same exact eyebrows as she does. It’s so freaking cute.

She captioned the father-daughter selfie: “Papa Bear takes on the Couve ?? Ya wonder where I got my brows from? ?”

OK, so maybe we’re slightly jealous that Hale doesn’t have to use brow gel, pencils, and powder to get those flawless eye framers, but we can’t be too mad, because the Hales are just so adorable. And that doesn’t mean that Hale hasn’t fallen victim to the over-tweeze, revealing to Teen Vogue in 2015 that she has over-plucked in the past.

"I’ve had horror stories where I’ve over-plucked them, and then finally they grow back out, and then I let someone else touch them and it is a disaster. I vowed to never let anyone touch them again. Long live the big brow!" she said in the interview.

We’ve all been there, so we totally relate. And we’re so glad Hale has learned to embrace her full eyebrows and rock what her papa gave her.

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