Lucy Hale and her new dog are the *cutest* BFFs

Pretty Little Liars‘ Lucy Hale has a new love in her life: Elvis the fluffy pup.

Just two days ago, Lucy posted a picture of her adorable new dog, saying that she’s “so in love it hurts.” And we are too, TBH. Look at this face!

And yes, she also posted a video of him being precious, if you were curious.

To our great happiness, those super sweet dog pics kept on coming. Lucy posted a selfie of her and her new buddy with the caption “Mama & Son.”

And over the past couple days, the two have been bonding more than ever, which is quite evident in the way he curls up in the crook of her neck. “I realize I’m becoming the annoying dog girl but seriously?! He’s so cuddly and fluffy and sweeeet,” Lucy wrote in the caption.

He’s even become her latest and most adorable overall accessory and it’s pretty clear that these two are official BFFs.

“Annoying dog girl”? No way. Lucy, keep these pics coming, please and thank you. Lucy & Elvis 4eva.

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