Cute couple alert: Lucy Hale is (officially) still dating Anthony Kalabretta

It’s officially official! Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale has confirmed that she’s currently (still) dating Anthony Kalabretta, after a ton of speculation.

Hale spilled the beans to People at a press junket. When asked how Kalabretta was doing, Hale said "[It's going] good," adding that "He's great."

Rumors of their relationship have been going around since 2015, and Hale has posted a lot of photos of the two of them together. Yet still, the couple has had to dodge multiple rumors of a breakup. It seems like nobody seems to think they’re still an item (and always have been) — but, they’re truly rock solid.

So, to set the “are they, aren’t they” record straight — they definitely are.

Kalabretta is a house/synthwave producer and DJ, and takes music pretty seriously. It’s been reported that the two met through friends, and formed a quick bond due to their multiple shared interests.

Prior to Kalabretta, Hale was romantically linked with country singer Joel Crouse and drummer Adam Pitts during the last few years — so, I think it’s definitely true that she has a thing for musicians. (Can you blame her?)

We wish Hale and Kalabretta many, many more years of total bliss!

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