Lucy Hale Got a Pretty Little Tattoo That’s All About Rebirth

Maybe there aren't six more weeks of winter.

You probably thought Lucy Hale’s next tattoo would have something to do with her new Maltipoo, Ethel—making the animal-lover a mother of two furry friends—whom she has blessed us with in photos on her Instagram feed, but her latest body art is that of an insect that pays tribute to new beginnings.

In her latest Instagram post from February 21st, Hale showed off her new tattoo of a beautiful spring butterfly that has us thinking…maybe there aren’t six more weeks of winter. In her latest post, the Pretty Little Liars alum thanked her tattoo artist and showcased her new wings. “You’ve outdone yourself @winterstone – thank you ! Rebirth,” she captioned.

It’s no secret that Hale is a fan of tattoos. Over the summer, she added new ink to honor her two nieces, her nephew, and her dog, Elvis. To honor her family members, she got the name of her dog inked on her bicep, and the numbers 14, 16, and 20, to pay tribute to the birth years of her nieces, Glenys and Lula, and her nephew, Oliver, whom her sister, Maggie Clarke, welcomed in March 2020.

Hale’s tattoo artist, Daniel Winter, aka @winterstone, is also to thank for her tattoos paying tribute to her family and her newest spring insect. Stone has also tattooed celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Hilary Duff, and Lady Gaga.

Hale’s new tattoo is a beautiful reminder that rebirth is possible and it’s never too late to grow wings! Now we’re just waiting to see if and how she’ll pay tribute to her new puppy Ethel.

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