Some lucky humans will soon be able to buy Big Mac sauce at the grocery store

We’re not afraid to admit that we enjoy the occasional (slash, not-so-occassional) Big Mac. And in a genius move, McDonald’s will be introducing Big Mac sauce in Canadian grocery stores this spring. Oh, and McChicken and Filet-O-Fish sauces! But in case you didn’t catch that fine print…this is happening only for Canadians. In Canada. We know what you’re thinking…WHYYYYYYY?! No fair! We want to buy Big Mac sauce at the grocery store, too!

And to that, there is no consolation. Except that if this proves to be a popular venture, maybe they’ll expand to other countries? Here’s hoping! Because these bottles look WAY too good to not be available far and wide.

Unsurprisingly, the internet is excited!


With Big Mac sauce in a bottle, think of the opportunities for experimentation! (AKA this guy knows how versatile the condiment is!). The thought of using the sauce in other dishes is intriguing, to say the least…

Okay this is not making our mouths just water…we’re legitimately super hungry. And we’re craving… a Big Mac, of course. Or even a mini-meal. Or an ice-cream cone? Fine, anything from the big golden arches will make us happy!

Running to the nearest McD’s. BRB!