Scientists are trying to make this impossible version of Lucky Charms

There will always be a special place in our hearts for the classic cereals we grew up with, especially Lucky Charms. They’re every kid’s breakfast dream—sweet, crunchy, and packed with marshmallows. But it’s no secret that Lucky Charms aren’t exactly a healthy choice for a morning meal. They’re full of refined sugar and they don’t hold that much nutritional value. Which is why some scientists are working hard to try to make a healthier version of our favorite cereal.

In 2015, General Mills promised to create healthier editions of their most popular cereals, such as Trix and Reese’s Puffs. Acknowledging that their consumers were asking for less artificial colors and artificial sources in their cereal, they set out to create products that tasted just as good as the original, but were made with more nutritional ingredients, like natural vanilla instead of food coloring.

While they’ve been able to accomplish this with cereals like Golden Grahams and Cheerios, they’re running into a wall when it comes to Lucky Charms.

Apparently, it’s impossible to create a healthy version of Lucky Charms that tastes anything remotely close to the original.

Every time they create a healthier version of a marshmallow, they have to step back and see how the cereal tastes overall, and the results haven’t been satisfactory. Mike Siemienas, a Lucky Charms spokesman, told the Washington Post that the effort has been stalled because the scientists can’t find a marshmallow substitute that can retain the Lucky Charms flavors.

"It’s still our biggest challenge. We’ll let you know once we’ve found a solution," Siemienas said.

Lucky Charms fans and curious cereal consumers keep asking when the healthier version will be released. To keep people happy, General Mills has been embracing the sugar in their original formula and offering people a chance to win a box of nothing but Lucky Charms marshmallows. Doesn’t sound too bad to us.

There’s no estimated date as to when the natural version of Lucky Charms will hit shelves, but something tells us people will be more than happy to stick with the original — and to do everything they can to get their hands on this magical box of pure marshmallows.