Why I would’ve chosen Lucas over Nathan every time on “One Tree Hill”

It’s the age old question of which Scott brother was actually better. Yes, by the end of One Tree Hill, Nathan Scott seemed like the more obvious choice, based on the fact that he really grew into an awesome man, but in reality it was Lucas Scott who was the number one Scott brother.

Both guys were super sexy, could play basketball and made a lasting impression on their friends and town. So how do you choose? It’s easy, Lucas was the guy in Tree Hill. He was destined for greatness from the very beginning of the series. He found love more than once, had a fairy tale ending and somehow managed to get hotter. I would’ve chosen Lucas every time and here’s why:


Looks. Yep, I said it, Lucas was hotter than Nathan. Yes, Nathan was obviously attractive, but Lucas was just so dreamy.

Natural talent. Lucas was a natural athlete which made him so much hotter. Nathan had to try a little harder, so Lucas wins this round.

The written word. Oh man, he definitely knew his way around a good book and always knew what to write. He was so darn intelligent and it was SO sexy. Plus, he had the best pickup lines and even if they were cheesy we wouldn’t ask him to stop talking if he was showering us with compliments.


He was flawed. Okay, when it came down to it, both guys were pretty awesome, but what made Luke stand out were his flaws. He wasn’t perfect, he was just trying to figure out his life and he stubbled and fell a lot, which made him more lovable.

His friendship goals. Lucas wasn’t just friends with one person in Tree Hill, he had a TON of besties. He was lifelong friends with Skills, Mouth and many more guys, whereas Nathan never really seemed to have true friends until Lucas came into his life.

Awesome uncle. Come on, Lucas’s relationship with Jamie was too cute to handle. It just made everyone love him more. Plus, he was a good dad as well, so there’s that.


Momma’s boy. If you ever date someone who loves their mom as much as Lucas loved Karen, you’d be one lucky person. This is probably why he was such a good guy—when he wasn’t cheating on Brooke that is.

Lucas & Haley forever. Ugh, we’re still not happy that this was never anything more than “just friends,” but that’s why it worked so well. These two always had each other’s back and Nathan couldn’t say that about any of his friends. Ergo, Lucas was a better BFF.


Hard work and hunky arms. Luke worked really hard throughout high school. He helped his uncle Keith (RIP) all the time at the garage and he helped at his mom’s cafe.

Hot brother alert. One of Lucas’s many strengths was that he did have a good-looking brother. Nathan challenged him to dig deeper and play harder and be a better person. So thank you, Nathan.


He knew how to be brooding. His life wasn’t that hard. Well, it wasn’t as hard as Peyton’s life, yet he knew how to make you feel sorry for him with one look. Brooding is hot. It just is.

The belief in true love. If there is one thing you can’t deny about Lucas, it’s that he was a hopeless romantic. He never gave up on his romance with Peyton and it made us swoon when they finally lived happily, ever after.


Knowing where he came from. The river court was never far from Lucas’s mind and it was always in his heart. He knew where he came from and very rarely lost sight of his goals.

Hero in basketball clothing. He literally saved people’s lives more than once throughout the show. He saved Peyton more times than we can count and it made him more charming, if that’s even possible.