Here’s the lowdown on the super gorge lippies and shadows from ColourPop’s holiday collection

ColourPop is bringing adorableness with their “Now Playing” holiday collection, and when we say it’s cute we mean it! The collection looks exactly like a vinyl record! If you’ve shopped a ColourPop collection before, you know what to expect — shadows, pigments, lippie stix, glosses, mattes, and more. The best part? they’re all affordable. Now, imagine “Now Playing” is all of that and it’s turnt for the holidays. You can score a set of pigments, lippie stix, or liquid lipsticks for $30 each or you buy singles. Either way, it’s perfect for adding more lip products to your kit or you can give them out as gifts.

Here’s a closer look at the lip colors

In case you can’t zoom, from left to right we have Embellish, Wild Nothing, Perky and Knotty, all ultra mattes. Embellish is your deep ’90s brown that would make the perfect base for a gold ombré lip, Wild Nothing is described as a “dusty plum brown,” Perky is a muted pink, and Knotty is a taupe shade that has really piqued our interest. Could it be the perfect nude for fair skin? Or the frosty winter wonderland lip color we didn’t know we needed?

Now on to Wink and Bijou, the ultra satin lip shades. A pinky plum and cool pink respectively, these two make great gifts since they’re some of the most classic shades of the collection.

Gloss is back and better than ever. If you can, why not get all three from the “Now Playing” collection? Furry, Kink, and Nonsense are just as flirty as their names. If you listen closely you can hear your inner bad bish whisper, “Get. All. Three.”

The shadows and pigments are just begging to be layered. A little Just for Fun on the lid with Koosh in the tear duct? Yes, please! (The all-out holiday freaks among us will love mixing Tinsel and Sleigh with a smudged out liner.)


At only $8 each are you really gonna make yourself choose between the Fanny Pack and Strapped highlighters? We’re pretty sure we know the answer to that.

Head over to ColourPop’s site to shop “Now Playing” and get your winter glam started early. (You might as well, the holiday music is already in rotation. Yikes!)

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