We are LOVING the bikini Selena Gomez is wearing right now on her Insta

We have been feeling the love for Selena Gomez for quite some time now. She has the best advice for dealing with the tough stuff in life, and she does NOT put up with cyberbullying. She also stands up for herself when people try to tell her how to deal with her love life, and you know what? We think that’s great — especially in a time when a lot of people think they can tell young women in the spotlight what to do (and what not to do).

We also looove her style, both her more formal and informal styles. She looks fantastic when she dresses up for events and for her concerts, and also when she’s spotted out running around with her friends. We also love her beach style (or, in this case, what looks to be courtyard style)— most recently, this denim bikini she posted a photo of herself wearing on Instagram:

Doesn’t she look fantastic in this high-waisted two-piece suit? We haven’t seen many other stars wearing denim swimsuits lately yet, but we bet they’re about to be the new trend. Keep an eye out for a denim suit of your own — we’ll definitely be doing the same.

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