Love Ya, Meme It: Episode 101

If you were confused by Love Ya, Meme It’s “teaser” video and how, exactly, we would go about explaining memes through terrible attempts at internet karaoke, you are not alone. Because we also had no idea how we were going to explain memes when we first decided to broadcast Tim’s wine-stained lips last month. But we think we’ve figured it out now. And fear not!  There’s no singing in this episode (but Tim’s wine-stained lips remain).

So a few weeks ago, we both took showers (separately), put on our Wednesday best and sat down with a Big Girl bottle of wine to give you guys a run-down of the most memorable memes from 2012. Keep in mind, this is a very small sampling from a very fruitful year, but we’re prone to rambling and this ain’t the Real World: Parry’s Couch. Ain’t nobody got time for that! (I’m particularly bitter, however, that “Paul Ryan Gosling” didn’t make the cut and I know Tim was gunning for “Texts From Hillary“).

That being said, please enjoy the first full episode of Love Ya, Meme It! We can be sensitive beeches sometimes, but we totally appreciate your constructive criticism, questions, general comments, letters to the editors and compliments on our make-up, hair and polka dots.


Parry and Tim

P.S. Got a meme that you’d like to see two dummies dissect? Leave it in the comments below or tweet it to us (@parrypants, @robinsontimothy) with the hashtag #LoveYaMemeIt! We wanna know what you beeches are watching!