The love story between Justin Trudeau and his wife, Sophie, has us in lovesick tears

Ever since Justin Trudeau was elected as Canada’s new prime minister, he’s captivated not only his country, but the world at large. From pronouncing himself a card-carrying feminist to practicing what he preaches when it comes to gender equality in his cabinet, the 43-year-old has been making his mark ever since he took office in November.

Now, in the January issue of Vogue, Trudeau is opening up about more than just his politics. He’s talking about the great love of his life: his wife of ten years, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau.

Their story is truly one of love, admiration, and unwavering dedication.

Sophie and Justin first met each other when they were kids, but because of their age difference, they didn’t speak much. However, in 2003, they met again — this time, as cohosts of a charity event. They flirted it up, and she sent him an email afterwards, but he didn’t respond. He wasn’t snubbing her, however — he had his reasons.

“I knew if I responded even slightly,” he told Vogue, “we’d wind up going for coffee, and that would be the last date I’d ever have in my life.” But as fate would have it, they bumped into each other again on the street, and he apologized for not responding to her email and asked her on a date. Though she initially said no, she came around, and they had an unbelievable date.

“I’m a dreamer and a romantic,” Sophie told Vogue, “and at the end of dinner, he said, ‘I’m 31 years old, and I’ve been waiting for you for 31 years.’ And we both cried like babies.” Yep, sobbing.

Though becoming prime minister is certainly a life-changing landmark for both Justin and Sophie, they’re still focusing on their family — namely, their relationship, as well as their three kids. “One of my duties is to really stay grounded,” Sophie told Vogue.

And Justin knows that throughout it all, Sophie will always be there, steady and supportive. “We’re more partners,” he told Vogue, “than my mother and father were ever able to be.”

Who knew we’d get our relationship goal inspiration from the Canadian prime minister? Check out the entire profile here, and be prepared to sport some major heart eyes.

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