Kenya Foy
August 12, 2016 10:51 am
Samantha Boos Photography/Facebook

The rash of viral pregnancy announcements is definitive proof that there’s more than one creative way to tell loved ones that a baby’s on the way. Whether it’s enlisting the help of an airline pilot to break the baby news or using a fake 18th-century aristocratic accent to let everyone know, we’re totally here for all of your ingenious baby announcement ideas.

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The latest comes from 24-year-old Brianne Dow, who disguised her pregnancy announcement as a random photo shoot with her wedding photographer, Samantha Boos. Once Dow and her husband Brandon arrived at the park setting, Boos placed her subjects back-to-back and provided them with chalkboards to write a three-word description of their partner.

Brandon’s message is tugging at our heartstrings:

For obvious reasons, Dow’s message was a little longer:

Aaaand the big reveal that should absolutely MELT YOUR FRIGGIN’ HEART.

GAH! Is this not the sweetest thing ever?!

The lovely couple’s bundle of joy is due in February and we’re totally happy we got to witness such an intimate moment, not to mention uncontrollably giddy.

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