Why are women so obsessed with beards? We found out

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Beards are a glorious and many-feathered thing. There are basically endless ways for men to look attractive with beards, whether it’s a Ryan Gosling bit of scruff or a rugged look a la Kit Harrington. But what about beards makes women go crazy (hint: it’s not the rug burn feeling of kissing them)?

Something about a beard makes people think of independent, adventurous, good-humored men. They’re strong and tough, hip and quirky, occasionally gross. Multiple studies have found that men with stubble are more attractive than those who are clean-shaven, and that full beards evoke maturity. We totally feel that. On Whisper, women weighed in on beards and why they make them feel the way they do. Enjoy!

Growing a beard requires fortitude

Marry a guy with a beard. Because a man patient enough to grow a beard has enough patience to deal with your bullshit.Quantcast

They’re a huge turn-on

Im obsessed with beards. Scruffy faced men turn me on more because they're manly men. Rugged, rough and radiating testosterone. 😍Quantcast

Beards provide good date ideas

I like guys with beards.... only because I secretly want to braid them when they are really long. Quantcast

Big beards hint at big, ahem, other things

Bearded men are the most sexy. They're also usually the "biggest" challenge in bed ;-)Quantcast

Beards are fun to kiss

I love when guys with beards kiss me because it tickles Quantcast

They cover a multitude of flaws  

I think girls like guys with beards because if the guy is ugly it doesn't matter, the beard covers half of it anyway.Quantcast

Beards allow us to embrace our inner felines 

I like guys with beards just because i like rubbing my face over it like a catQuantcast

But men have to back up their beard 

I only like beards on guys who are actually capable of doing man shit.Quantcast

Ah, this rare species 

Ginger bearded men are the most beautiful form of a guy.Quantcast

More bedtime fun 

Bearded guys are my weakness I love to feel them down there Quantcast

Beards are just like foundation 

I just realised... Beards are the equivalent of makeup for menQuantcast

Beards imply trustworthiness 

Guys with beards are the only ones you can trustQuantcast

Beards are just really really sexy 

Beards are so sexy that I can't even breathe when I see oneQuantcast

There are oh-so-many ways to love a man with a little facial hair.

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