Ashley McDonald
Updated Mar 07, 2015 @ 3:47 pm

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, let’s take a few minutes to appreciate those women who know us better than anyone else: OUR MOMS!!! Here’s why these wonderful women are the real heroes in life.

1. Moms will sacrifice everything for us.

Maybe money was a little tight in your house. No matter what, your mom found a way to get you lunch money, to buy your prom dress, to order a giant chocolate birthday cake for your “Sweet Sixteen.” Moms will cross the ocean to make us happy, even if there’s barely a way to get across.

2. Moms are always there for us.

Whenever I was going through a breakup, my mom would immediately grab my hand and haul me off to the nearest mall. I remember once, during a particularly bad split, she bought me the cutest black and gold high heels because she knew they’d make me feel better. Seriously, moms are always there when we’re going through something rough. They’re always a phone call, text or Facebook message away, and they’ll drop everything to help us out and get us through it.

3. Moms made sure we lived healthy lifestyles.

Remember how annoying you thought your mom was when she’d nag you about healthy eating as a kid? She’d buy you healthy cereals, and you hated it. Now I bet you’re pretty thankful. Moms teach us to respect our bodies and make healthy choices.

As a youngster, my mom would always make the best turkey sandwiches for my lunches, complete with spinach, tomato, onion and choice bread. She’d give me a side of fresh fruit, too, plus a bottle of water. It was important to her that I stay healthy and active. She’s the best for teaching me to live the right away and take care of my body.

4. Moms helped us through those awkward preteen years.

Remember when you were twelve, your body was changing, and you felt like you were drowning in a lake of armpit sweat, zits, and frizzy hair? (Gross image, I know.) Moms were our lifeguards; they jumped right into the water and saved us every time.

All metaphors aside, my mom gave me an awesome book on puberty and told me I could ask her about anything at all, whenever I needed. She assured me the awkwardness would fade, I’d make it through middle school, and my body would eventually stop being so weird all the time. Ahhh, those were (not) the days. Thank you, Mom, for guiding me through them.

5. Moms are the best support systems.

So you decided to quit soccer, which you’ve been playing for your entire life, and go out for the softball team. Or maybe you chose to go to college out of state, or study abroad in Vietnam for six months, or take up rock climbing. I bet your mom was the first one to show support, to tell you how amazing you were going to be and that you could do anything.

Even when you don’t make the best choices, like when you dated that guy who was a total dud or when you had a few too many glasses of champagne at your sister’s bridal shower and said some stuff you didn’t mean—your mom is going to love you unconditionally, anyway. Through the thick and thin, through the errors and blunders.

So take a little time right now to express to your mom how much you love her. Give her a call, or tell her in person. After all, without her, you wouldn’t be the woman you are today.

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