Chelsea Duff
February 18, 2017 3:17 pm

There are a lot of important questions in life: Where can we find happiness? What’s the perfect balance between personal and professional? And why do guys put on basketball shorts after having sex?

Over at Racked, one writer finally addressed that old basketball-shorts-sex question.

When writer Rebecca Jennings first realized that her awkward sex story was “A Thing,” she wasn’t ready to accept it as just a weird fact of sex. Instead, she wrote a bunch of her friends and colleagues to ask exactly what the deal was… and she got a variety of answers.

Jennings’s theories included “they’re just there,” “they serve an important physical function,” “they protect men’s fragile egos,” “they remind them of their childhood,” “men are terrible at athleisure,” “they’re lingerie for dudes,” and, surprisingly, “they’re actually good?????”

Each theory includes testimonials to support them.

Like this one:

And this one:

Jennings even shared a story from a gay friend who admitted that this isn’t just a straight guy phenomenon. In short, lots of guys do it — and for lots of different reasons.

You can reach Jennings’ entire article on Racked. But the story didn’t stop there.

The conversation continued on Twitter.

Many users got involved and came forward with their own stories.

Some shared new theories.

Others ranked post-coital attire.

One woman shared her take on the trend.

And another opted out entirely.

This user was just glad that journalists today are asking the real questions.

As far as any assumptions we can make, it seems like there’s more than just one answer.

“In conclusion, men are complicated animals, and their reasons for immediately putting on basketball shorts after sex are vast and varied,” Jennings wrote. “Who knew!”