Madison Vanderberg
Updated Oct 04, 2017 @ 3:52 pm

Often, a woman will give her wedding dress to her daughter to wear on her big day. Less often, a women will give her wedding dress to her grandchild. Even rarer still, a grandchild will wear her grandma’s wedding dress without letting grandma know and reveal the news in a beautiful, emotional, first look photoshoot.

Jordyn Jensen, a bride from Idaho, chose to wear her grandmother’s dress to her wedding, but she didn’t tell her grandma she was doing it.

Her grandmother, Penny, wore this lovely dress in 1962 and was completely shocked when her granddaughter walked out wearing it at her own wedding.

“The grandmother had no idea the bride even had her dress in her possession,” photographer Kortney Peterson shared with Huffington Post. “Jordyn and I stepped out [of the rehearsal dinner] and got her all ready and into the dress. We got her grandmother to step outside and we showed her the old photo of her in the dress that was going to be displayed at the wedding.”

Of the moment when Penny first saw Jordyn in the dress, Jordyn said:

We’re not crying, YOU’RE crying.