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Updated Aug 05, 2017 @ 3:03 pm
Picture of Barack and Michelle Obama
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We have heard of people inviting celebrities to their weddings before. Why not? You don’t expect they’ll come, so you have nothing to lose by sending them an invite. When you do hear back, it sort of blows your mind. Especially when the invitees are Barack and Michelle Obama.

It turns out the Obamas are still responding to wedding invitations from strangers because they are the best.

There are many rules when it comes to weddings. As far as invitations go, responding to an invitation — even with a “no” — is incredibly important. It’s one thing when you actually know the people. But of course, the Obama family still follows that same etiquette.

Someone took to Twitter to share the most exciting rejection of all time.

The girl’s mother, clearly an optimist, invited the Obamas to her wedding, likely not expecting a response. The pair responded with a classy “no,” and it was the most exciting RSVP they received.

We can’t even imagine how exciting it would be to receive that piece of mail. With the blessings of Barack and Michelle Obama, that wedding was probably ~full~ of magical vibes.

More and more people are sharing their sweet letters from the Obamas.

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Needless to say, we love the Obama family dearly. Even though the two are clearly busy enough to not respond to every citizen’s life event, we love that they do it anyway.

Now, what can we invite them to in the next couple of months? Do you think they RSVP to birthday party invites too?