Trilby Beresford
Updated Aug 28, 2017 @ 11:19 am

The more we learn about Julianne Hough’s wedding, the more we wish we’d been there. Hough’s bridesmaids surprised her with a choreographed dance, and luckily there’s video evidence. The song they chose was Sia’s “The Greatest,” and the dance is one of Hough’s all-time favorites. For the bridesmaid version, her bestie Nina Dobrev led the pack like a champion. You’ll see that Hough was finding it a teensy bit hard to just watch and not actively jump on in (and it’s ADORABLE).

This video was posted by Kyle Hanagami, who choreographed the dance for Hough on tour and came back to lend his talent for the big wedding day.

Alright, here we go (and no, not all of these ladies are professional dancers, which makes this even more incredible).

This might be one of the most special and unique wedding gifts we’ve ever seen, and we’re 100% on board. Oh, and want to see Hough perform the same dance? Well okay, if you insist.

Choreographed dancing is the BEST.

As if this story could get any better, Hough and Laich followed up their amazing day with an epic honeymoon. And we’re trying not to feel super jealous right now.

Wishing the newlyweds all the best as the move forward on their journey. Also, can we please have another dose of choreographed dancing soon? Or maybe just have an office Monday dance party? Thanks.