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Updated Aug 05, 2017 @ 3:01 pm
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With each week that passes after bridal salon Alfred Angelo abruptly closed its doors, the saga reveals both darker and lighter sides of humanity. Last week, news broke that the bridal company will not be able to complete orders that were made before Alfred Angelo filed for bankruptcy and closed all of its stores. That means that thousands of brides who were depending on the popular dress company — which had over 60 stores across the nation and had been open for more than eight decades — are left without a dress for the big day, and many are unsure of whether or not they’ll be refunded for the “unfulfilled” orders.

It’s not all a bridal nightmare, though, because various fairy bride-mothers have come forth to offer their gowns to the unfortunate women left in the lurch, while other wedding dress companies have offered deals and even free gowns to people with outstanding orders.

And then there’s a woman in Oklahoma, a seamstress who worked for the company, who has come forth as a true hero.

On the day her local stores closed, she saved 60 dresses — and she’s now hand-delivering and fitting them for the brides who ordered them. For free!

Rose Ellis, who worked as a seamstress at the Tulsa and Oklahoma City Alfred Angelo stores for seven years, has volunteered her time and is making sure that the dresses she saved are being returned to their rightful owners. It’s a real “not all heroes wear capes” situation.

In an interview with ABC, Ellis said, “My agenda is to make sure that all my brides I have come in contact with have that fabulous wedding day that they were expecting to have from the beginning.”

She’s a real-life fairy godmother!

We really wish we could have seen the looks she got while driving around Oklahoma with 60 wedding gowns in her car. HERO!

Ellis is obviously the kindest human being ever for offering her time and talents to help the brides for free, but a GoFundMe campaign has been created to repay her for her generosity; so far, almost $23,000 has been raised. The creator of the campaign, Stephanie Huey explained on the page why she wanted to raise money for Ellis, writing,

It’s amazing how many generous people have stepped forward in the wake of Alfred Angelo’s closing to help the brides who need it the most. Ellis, we salute you.