Stephanie Hallett
Updated Sep 01, 2017 @ 3:28 pm

It’s official: The goth food trend is the most unstoppable force of 2017. The latest iteration is a 2017 wedding trend — the black wedding cake — and we have to say, it’s pretty breathtaking.

If you’ve been loving all the goth ice cream, bagels, waffle cones, and even pizza that have hit the market this year, you’ll probably want to jump on this bandwagon (if you’re tying the knot sometime soon) and get yourself a black wedding cake.

Heck, even Sweet Valley High‘s own Brittany Daniel had a goth cake at her recent wedding! And it was made with an unexpected ingredient.

Unlike most of the other goth foods out now — which are made with activated charcoal, an ingredient that’s not bad for you by any means but can interfere with your birth control (yikes!) — Daniel’s wedding cake was made black using Choco-Pan, an alternative to rolled fondant that can be blended for just the right shade of darkness, and won’t leave your mouth blacker than the night sky (like charcoal can).

Check out Daniel’s cake below for a gorgeous example of this gothic wedding trend.

Kimberly Bailey, the baker behind The Butter End and maker of Daniel’s wedding cake, told Delish that she’s had more and more couples asking for dark cakes in recent months, and that her most popular pin on Pinterest is a dark navy wedding cake.

The Butter End’s not the only bakery getting in on the trend. Black wedding cakes are all over Pinterest and Instagram, and more are popping up every day.

Here’s one from Hey There, Cupcake, made with florals that give it the eerie feeling of a Dutch still-life painting.

And this one, by Moscow-based bakery Tortik Annushka, features patterns and textures that give it a more glam appeal.

The bottom line? This cake trend can be adapted to suit pretty much any wedding aesthetic.