Jill Layton
Updated Aug 27, 2015 @ 5:13 pm

Broadway actor Michael Buchanan and his partner, Jason Gilbert, were recently married in Michigan, and the wedding was beautiful. It overlooked Lake Allegan and was attended by 80 of their friends and family. But the ceremony isn’t the part guests (and now all of us) will remember most. The pair made the most epic entrance to their wedding reception, and it was all captured on video.

Buchanan and Gilbert made their grand entrance into the reception as husband and husband on unicorns. That’s right — unicorns. Ok, not actual, real-life unicorns (that would be a much bigger story), but they rode two jet skis decorated with unicorn heads — and it was perfection.

We know what you’re thinking — “Jet skis?? Did they get wet? Did they bring a change of clothes? I’m so worried about their comfort level.” We were worried too, but everyone can breathe again — they were wearing wetsuits.

And from the sounds of the crowd yelling, “Hayyyy” and “YAASSSS”, we’re pretty sure everyone loved it.

Check it out:

Featured image via Shutterstock