Bridey Heing
May 08, 2015 4:06 am

In honor of Mother’s Day (which is Sunday, don’t forget!), one mall in Singapore released the sweetest, most touching ad. Seriously, it has us rushing to the phone to call our moms and tell them how much we love them. The mall Jurong Point set up a booth and asked random shoppers of all ages to call their moms and express their love and appreciation. They also asked if there was anything the callers had always wanted to say to their moms but had never had a chance to, and encouraged them to take this time to speak that truth. A whole lot of people took them up on the offer, and the result is both hilariously heartwarming and a total tear jerker.

I say hilarious because the moms on the end of the line react exactly how you would imagine they would: Complete surprise and an assumption that something is wrong. One asks if her son is drunk, while another says not to scare her by just calling up and thanking her. But once the callers got into the actual reason they called, it’s incredibly sweet. A few apologize, a few thank their moms for unconditional love, and a few start crying themselves.

You might want to have the tissues handy to watch this three-minute video. And when you’re done, call your mom!

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