Arielle Tschinkel
Updated July 21, 2017

We’re just gonna say it now — get out your tissues for this one, guys, because you’re going to need them. This viral video of a man kissing his wife is the most heart-wrenching thing you’ll watch today, and the story behind this couple’s kiss will probably make you weep.

Pilates instructor Laura Browning Grant shared the now-viral video of her husband standing up to kiss her for the first time following a near-fatal car accident, and the story behind the kiss is so incredible touching — reminding us all just how fragile life can be and how precious our loved ones truly are.

Back in March, Navy SEAL Jonathan Grant was in a car accident after returning home to North Carolina (he had returned home after three overseas deployments). According to, Grant suffered bleeding in his brain and “diffuse axonal injury (DAI), a brain injury that left him in a coma” for 61 days following the accident. He also suffered “minor cuts and bruises to his face, arms, and legs, as well as internal injuries related to the brain injury.”

In the immediate aftermath of the accident, it was unclear if Jon would even survive, let alone make a full recovery. But his wife of five years remained firmly by his side, spending each day with him at the hospital.

Jon emerged from his coma two months later, and then began the long road to recovery. He has made incredible steps already, and is now able to breathe on his own (without the help of a breathing tube) and can eat his meals puréed (without a feeding tube).

The now-viral video she shared recently shows the first time Jon was able to stand up and kiss her, something that Laura will never take for granted.

Though it’s still uncertain the extent to which Jon will fully recover, Laura is thankful for each stepping stone, and knows that a kiss means so much more than a simple act of affection. We’re wishing the best for Jon and Laura throughout his recovery.