Kit Steinkellner
Updated Feb 14, 2015 @ 9:13 am

When we talk about love, we talk about it “lasting a lifetime” or “until death do us part.” But there are some loves that last WAY beyond that final breath. 5,800 years and counting, as a matter of fact.

Buzzfeed reports that while excavating the Diros Caves in southern Greece, Greek archeologists found the skeletons of a man and a woman who had been spooning since 3200 B.C. To love someone from Before Common Era way past Anno Domini is quite an achievement, well played Ancient Greek Skeleton Couple, well played.

The archeologists have not revealed how they think the couple died, but the Associated Press reports that the Alepotrypa Cave where they were found collapsed right around the time of their death, so it’s possible that the two were buried alive.

But let’s not end the story on that gruesome note. Let’s conclude this historical footnote by celebrating this great love that has lasted through the ages. Can you imagine cuddling with your honey for 6,000 years? This is about as romantic as historical discoveries get. So thank you very much, Greek archeologists, for making our hearts melt by giving us this romance for the ages just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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