Olivia Harvey
February 09, 2017 3:21 pm
Etsy / SoyMuchBrighter

Not to make anyone nervous or frazzled, but Valentine’s Day is only a week away! We hope you have something fun and romantic planned with your significant other. Or if you’re single, we strongly suggest you treat yourself to some personal time and lots of chocolate. If you’re scrambling for gift ideas for someone special in your life, we’re here to save you from your days in the doghouse! Specifically, we’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day candles that will add extra fire to your holiday.

Candles are the simplest form of luxury and relaxation. They have the power to put you in a better mood and soften the ambience of any room. Their warm glow is romantic and their scents are alluring. See? You’re falling in love just reading about them! Now, check out the list below to find the perfect candle for your V-day.

1“Fresh Cut Roses” — Yankee Candle ($27.99)

Yankee Candle

Start V-day off right by lighting up “Fresh Cut Roses” from Yankee Candle. Fill the air with the scent, “an intoxicating English garden of fragrant heirloom roses,” as the website states. It’s floral, it’s musky, it’s the perfect beginning to your day of romance.

2Floating Heart Candles — ColoradoSoyCandleCo ($13.75)

Etsy / ColoradoSoyCandleCo

Picture this romantic scene: You prep a bath using some luxurious rose-scented, sparkly bath bomb. You line every surface in the bathroom with simple white taper candles. And then here’s the kicker — you float these adorable heart shaped candles in that bathwater! How CUTE. Please remember to blow them out before getting into the bathtub, though!

3Hand-Carved Valentine’s Day Candles — DesignCandleShop ($23+)

Etsy / DesignCandleShop

It’s time to set the table for your Valentine’s Day dinner. We highly recommend you check out these gorgeous handcrafted candles from DesignerCandleShop on Etsy. The colors and intricacy of each candle will wow your dinner date as you woo them with your mean culinary skills.

4“You’re My Person” Candle — TheShabbyWick ($15.99)

Etsy / TheShabbyWick

Instead of buying your significant other chocolates or flowers this holiday, why not gift them this super adorable “You’re My Person” candle? The sentimental message can be put onto your pick from several different scented soy candles. We like the sound of cucumber mint or green tea lemongrass! It’s cute, different, and can be enjoyed after all the chocolates have been eaten.

5“Chai Love You a Latte” Candle — SoyMuchBrighter ($12)

Etsy / SoyMuchBrighter

Punny! Very, very punny! If your romantic interest is known to always have a cup of caffeine in hand, then this may be the gift for them. SoyMuchBrighter’s “Chai Love You a Latte” candle actually smells like a cinnamon chai tea latte (“with soy,” the company jokes). Cute, funny, and smells lovely. What more could you ask for?

6“Black Valentine” — WitchCityWicks ($23)

Etsy / WitchCityWicks

Perhaps your lover isn’t into all this “gushy Valentine’s stuff,” and leans to the darker side of life. This candle from WitchCityWicks on Etsy has just the gift for them. Right out of Salem, MA this candle is “an addictive mixture of blood & roses: sweet, juicy blood orange blended with the rich floral bouquet of red roses.” Spooky yet delightful. Just how we like it.

7“True Romance” Ritual Candle — WitchyPotions ($15)

Etsy / WitchyPotions

Staying in the vein of witchy things, this “True Romance” candle just might break a single spell that has cursed you for too long! Each candle is infused with herbs and essential oils and when burned, these candles will reveal crystals and gems for you to use in further rituals. Gift this to a single witchy friend, or grab one for yourself! You may not have to be alone on Valentine’s Day after all!

8Personalized Valentine’s candles — DawnCandleWorx ($6.95)

Etsy / DawnCandleWorx

If none of the above candles fit the person you’re buying for, there’s always these customizable Valentine’s Day candles from DawnCandleWorx on Etsy. You choose the initials that go on the label along with one of the various scents the shop offers, and you have a perfect, personalized gift that your significant other will love.

9“Sweet Heart” candles — LettinmylightShine ($13)

Etsy / LettinmylightShine

You didn’t think we forgot the candy, did you? Duh! These Sweet Heart candles have actual Sweet Heart candies and heart shaped sprinkles in them. The soy candles are sweet pea-scented and have a Bible message on the outer label. There’s no better gift than Sweet Hearts for your sweetheart!

10“Can We Make Out?” candle — TheShabbyWick ($15.99)

Etsy / TheShabbyWick

TheShabbyWick Esty shop also makes this hilarious message candle that can do the talking for you. If your GF or BF is a candle person with a good sense of humor, then they will love to receive this guy as a gift.

11“Sex & Candy” candle — PickMeCups ($16)

Etsy / PickMeCups

And if you really want to cut right to the chase, present this “Sex & Candy” candle to your date. As the label states, this “tongue-in-cheek inspired” candle is not only hilarious, but must smell incredible. Pink sugar and vanilla? Yes please!

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day boys and girls! Keep that flame alive and well, if you know what we mean!