Margeaux Baulch Klein
Updated Aug 06, 2017 @ 2:01 pm
Bridesmaids types of sex
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There comes a stage in every relationship when sex can begin to feel routine. And while you could bust out the Kamasutra and try to, say, make love while holding a handstand position, it may be simpler to vary the type of sex you’re having, rather than the position (because let’s face it, there are only 4 or 5 sex positions that people actually seem to do on a regular basis).

However, without even trying, there are at least 13 different types of sex a couple will likely have throughout the course of a relationship. So, if your love affair is starting to feel stale, perhaps it’s time to visit (or re-visit) one of the sexual scenarios below.

1Car sex


A favorite of teenagers, car sex is exciting because it’s exhibitionist and not exactly legal, but it can also make for a fast and furious experience, as you try to contort your bodies inside the cramped space.

2Romantic sex


This is the kind of sex you have when you’re in love and trying really, really hard to make everything romantic and perfect. You splurge on special occasion lingerie, fill your home with candles, and spend hours curating the perfect sexy-time Spotify playlist.

3Quickie sex


This type of sex gets a bad reputation for being rushed and unsexy; but when you’re inside a random closet or some other unexpected location, five minutes is all you need!

4‘Doing it because it’s been awhile’ sex


Blame it on work, kids, or stress, but sometimes, even in the best of relationships, time slips by and you’re just too damn exhausted to do anything more than cuddle. Still, you don’t want to worry about what this might mean for your relationship, so you proceed to get it on, however groggily.

5Shower sex


In movies, shower sex always features steamy handprints against the glass. In reality, the water is never that hot (because oww!) Still, shower sex is good, clean fun and a very efficient way to multi-task in the mornings before leaving for work.

6‘Shhh…don’t let anyone hear us’ sex


Whether you’ve got roommates, kids, or just really thin walls, quiet, moan-free sex can still be hot.

7Morning sex


Sure, your breath may not be great, but there are a lot of benefits to getting it on in the early hours. People tend to enjoy morning sex more because they’re well rested, and the endorphins that get released allow you to start your day feeling relaxed and energized instead of grumpy.

8‘Let’s try something new’ sex


This type of sex almost always involves some Googling and/or a trip to a sex shop. But it’s worth it, because you get that kind of giddy, I-don’t-know-what-to-expect feeling reminiscent of your first time.

9Hotel room sex

Credit: Screen Gems

According to science, hotel sex is way better, thanks to the novelty of being in a new place.

10Reunion sex


It doesn’t matter if your mate has been gone for 3 days or 3 months, when you’re in love, it feels like a lifetime has passed, making reunion sex very passionate and frenzied!

11Milestone sex


Congratulations! You just got engaged or maybe you decided to move in together! Whatever the milestone, celebratory sex is pretty amazing.

12Outdoor sex


There are certain outdoor locales, like a secluded beach, for example, that just seem tailor-made for some al fresco bonking.

13Holiday sex


It’s a Tuesday at 3pm, you’re not working, and you’ve already watched Home Alone three times. Provided you’re not too full of leftover food, sex during the holidays is the best way to spend a free afternoon.