Briana Hansen
Updated Jul 18, 2016 @ 2:10 pm
Credit: Lionsgate

While a lot of people meet online these days, this couple in London might have one of the most unique Internet love-connections in our modern day. Victoria Cain and (her now husband) Jonathan O’Brien met through a simple, less than 140 character message.

After being amused by some delightful tweets from her local bookstore, she decided to tweet to the mind behind them.


And with that one tweet, the wheels of fate were set in motion. It turns out the operator of the account was not only responsive, but he was super playful right back to her. false

Obviously delighted by the response, Cain didn’t let him be too humble and responded right back. false

All of that happened way back in 2012. Apparently, the couple messaged a bit back and forth before deciding to eventually meet up. And, in a perfect Rom-Com style climax to their love story, they are now happily married.

Which, of course, she tweeted about. false

Based on this love connection alone, the couple seem absolutely perfect together. They’re both book lovers, internet adventurers, and obviously open to new experiences.

Plus, they’re unapologetic “nerds” who are open about loving to play all sorts of games, even moments before saying “I do.”


Their charming sense of humor will no doubt keep them together in the long run. false

We just hope that they keep us in the loop of their epic romance by continuing to share more about their relationship through social media.