We all have dating dealbreakers. Whether you can list yours right off the top of your head, or you don’t realize them until they’re staring you in the face, we all have our breaking point.

And thanks to the ever-wise powers of the Internet, there’s a new meme that’s making this point ever-so-clear. Using a pretty hysterical reference point—breadsticks—users are creating memes that articulate at what point in the date they need to essentially cut bait and run for their lives (extra breadsticks in hand).

And whether or not you’re going on dates at The Olive Garden, you can appreciate the differences of opinion that often feel like dating deal breakers, especially early on—as well as the desire to salvage the date in some way (aka at least leaving with a snack).

The meme topics run the gamut from finding out someone is a cat person, to disagreeing on a television show to political differences. The most hilarious are those professions of our pop culture love and the importance of our fandom in the context of dating. For example:

Obviously, this is all kind of a joke. But an awesome one. Especially this one.

There are, however, real breadsticks-worthy issues that will absolutely ruin date one. And that’s where this meme gets super-feminist in the best possible way. It’s amazing when a meme that starts off as joke morphs into a smart approach to the kind of discourse the Internet needs more of.

It’s true, there are times when grabbing the to-go breadsticks just isn’t worth it. But those times are rare.

(Images via iStock, Tumblr)