You’ve heard about the woman who used Tinder to get her car shoveled out of the snow this winter, but the latest Tinder trend is a whole lot tastier.

Dubbed “The Tinder Games,” a few girls instituted a competition online to see who could get a guy on Tinder to send them a pizza first, according to FoodBeast.

And it worked. Like, it worked really well. One guy tried spicing things up by adding wings to the order, and one girl even upped the ante and got a Tinderman to send her sushi.

The screenshots of this whole shebang are hilarious or cringe-worthy depending on your take on this whole thing. Regardless, I was hoping to see one that shows that initial ask—because what is less smooth than being like “Hey, how are you! So, do you like pizza? Cuz I sure do….” (Although I’ve had worse opening lines.)

Stray thought: does this mean these women shared their home addresses? Because, um, nothing tastes as delicious as safety feels, ladies.

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