Patrice J. Williams
Updated Feb 27, 2018 @ 11:35 am

There’s an emoji for pretty much everything in 2018. Feeling frustrated or overwhelmed? Red angry emoji, steam-shooting-from-nose emoji, and grimacing emoji at your service. Want to tell someone you’re craving ice cream and sushi? No need to write it out — just send the emoji. The recently released emoji update even includes redheads and superheroes (finally). But ever notice there are no interracial couple emojis? Tinder did, and they’ve created a petition to try to change that.

Any black or brown person will tell you that there was a collective leap for joy in 2015 when emojis were finally available in six different skin tones. Plus, same-sex couple emojis were added to the mix. However, we still don’t have a single form of emoji representation for interracial couples and families.

Today, Tinder announced their Interracial Couple Emoji Project, which aims to make everyone feel represented.

While the app can sometimes be associated with casual dating and quick hookups, it’s apparently had an impact on how we date and who we date. A recent study suggested that the rise of Tinder and dating apps like it may in fact be responsible for the increase in interracial marriages.

Credit: Courtesy of Tinder

Tinder conducted their own global study featuring more than 4,000 adults, with 81% of people indicating that dating apps made it easier to meet someone different from them. The study also found that 55% of global respondents felt dating platforms have helped remove the (too still-present) stigma surrounding interracial dating.

So why are these couples not represented?

The #RepresentLove petition is collecting signatures to change that. Then, Tinder will submit the petition and proposal to the Unicode Consortium, a nonprofit Silicon Valley group that approves around 50-100 emojis each year.

The approval process can take up to two years. But in the meantime, couples who want to get in on the movement can start now. Just pose in the emoji couple stance, tag Tinder and #representlove, and you may get an emoji version of you and your boo. (We’re getting our posts ready.)

Credit: Courtesy of Tinder

Representation of all forms matters.