Kit Steinkellner
Updated Jan 11, 2016 @ 2:32 pm

Bachelor Nation, we are back!

As we’ve watched the show over the years, Bachelor/Bachelorette archetypes and tropes have become all too familiar to us. We feel like we’ve seen all these things before because, well, we have: in Disney movies. Let’s run down all the ways in which The Bachelor and some of our fave Disney movies are basically THE EXACT SAME THING.

1. In both The Bachelor and Disney movies, there’s always the girl who’s there for the wrong reasons.

Bachelor villainesses are always just Vanessa/Ursula.

2. Also, (in The Bachelorette‘s case), there’s the dude who’s there for all the wrong reasons.

Truth: Bachelorette villains are all just Hans from Frozen. He might seem like just a nice guy who will finish your sentences sandwiches and do the handshake from The Parent Trap with you…

But they will inevitably disappoint and leave you with an ice cold line.

3. There’s mass unrequited love in both Disney films and the Bachelor franchises.

It’s hard enough to see ONE girl love a dude who’s never going to return the feels, much less a veritable army of ladies.

And, this never ends well:

4. There’s a girl who cries tears that are too beautiful.

I didn’t know crying could be so beautiful until I saw Kaitlyn Bristowe weep over Farmer Chris.

Wait, yes I did, this is every Disney Princess crying ever.

5. In both, you invite a bunch of girls to a mansion and decide which one you want to marry.

Cinderella is basically just The Bachelor in 1793.

6. There’s a Bachelor/Prince Charming who is so damn charming he makes all the ladies do bananas things for love.

You see a dude play a flute ONE TIME on a ship and you’re ready to give up your relationship with your family/fishtail for him?

Or, you just awkwardly hug them after a few glasses of champers and decide, yes I am on board with this person FOR LIFE.

7. And of course, there’s the Bachelorette who is so dazzling she makes all the gentlemen do bananas things for love.

Real talk, if last season Chris Harrison had been like, “Okay, today, if you want to score a one on one date with Kaitlyn, you’re going to have to slay a dragon,” how many of the dudes do you think would have been up for it? I’m going to say 60/40 yes, le dudes were le cray last Bachelorette.

8. There’s always the one who got away (literally).

People ALWAYS run away on The Bachelor because they realize what madness it is. Sharleen and Andi both left Juan Pablo. Brady, Tony, and Ian all ran from Kaitlyn.

Just like Cinderella. Just. Like. Cinderella.

9. Disney Princesses be hangin’ in the water quite a bit. Same with those Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants.

It isn’t The Bachelor without a million pool scenes. To be fair, there’s nothing else to DO — they won’t let you bring books or have your phone, so your activity options are limited to swimming, drinking, and trying to get married.

You could say that every Bachelorette (and Bachelor contestant) is a straight-up little mermaid and that would not be a stretch because they spend SO MUCH TIME IN THE POOL.

Also, they are often not wearing very many/any clothes in the water. Just like that scene in Mulan.

10. Oh, and let’s not forget how both are often flying somewhere cool to go on a date.

Please Bachelor, Aladdin INVENTED that game.

11. The all-important rose makes an appearance in both…



12. And most importantly, Disney movies and The Bachelor always deliver on a lady who know how to make an entrance in formalwear.

Disney princesses, Bachelor contestants, is there REALLY a difference?

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