Jill Layton
November 07, 2016 6:01 pm

It doesn’t take long for the honeymoon stage of a relationship to end, but once you sense that you’re falling out of the honeymoon phase — things have likely already gone past the point of no return.

You and your partner have already started doing things you definitely wouldn’t have done when you first starting dating. Not because you haven’t always been comfortable with each other, but because you guys wanted each other to, you know, stick around and not be completely turned off right away. It happens in every single relationship — you’re not going to stay in the honeymoon stage forever, and it’s okay. That’s when the most hilarious things happen! The farts, the open bathroom doors, the ZIT POPPING! When you’re done honeymooning, that’s when the REAL fun begins (or at least, when all the inside jokes start).

Loving another person’s grossness and quirks takes some easing into! Here are just SOME things that are inevitable to happen once you get super comfortable with each other.

1. They fart… and not the gentle, scentless, oopsie kind.

 When your partner’s farts are so bad you seriously consider calling the gas company to make sure you won’t die from lethal fumes, you know you’re in the comfortable zone.

2. Dressing up means putting on a bra and a pair of jeans.

Let’s be real — lounging around the house means sweatpants and no bra. You’re no longer dressing to impress. Of course, every once in a while it wouldn’t hurt (that’s me giving my own self advice).

3. You argue about doing the simplest chores, but will clean the entire house to surprise your partner.

You want your person to know you love and value them and will gladly do whatever it takes to make them happy, like surprising them with a clean house. But if they ASK you to empty the dishwasher? Not without a fight.

4. You give in to sickness much easier.

 During the honeymoon stage, you totally tried to pretend like you weren’t as sick as you were. Because you wanted your person to think you’re strong and basically a superhero. Now? Forget it. Bring me all the soup, all the tissues and all the Netflix. PAMPERMEPLEASE.

5. You use the other person’s toothbrush and don’t think twice about it.

At this point, you’ve shared enough bodily fluids to swap plaque without it being an issue. Disclaimer: This is definitely not true for everyone (including me and my wife), but some people take pride in sharing a toothbrush like it ain’t no thing.

6. You guys are too tired to leave the house.

When you first start dating someone, your energy levels are insanely high. You operate on a level fueled by new love pheromones. You want to venture everywhere with your person! The movies! Museums! Parks! Europe! But after being with someone for a long time, leaving the house takes a lot of work, and why do that when you can happily just stay home?

7. You cry a lot more.

 Not because your partner makes you sad, but sad things happen. It’s inevitable. Crying with or in front of the person you love is definitely a sign of closeness.

8. Honesty.

“Hey babe, wanna grab a salad for dinner?” “No, I’d rather have pizza. A whole pizza, and you can get your own pizza.”

9. You aren’t willing to share your food.

 You used to eat off of each other’s plates and everything was so adorable. But now that you’ve been together forever, your food is YOUR food, and vise versa.

10. Sexy time happens much less frequently.

But don’t stress. It’s totally normal. Life gets in the way sometimes. As long as you both are open about what you want and need, sexy time doesn’t need to happen every day… or every week… or month.

11. Texts are way less romantic.

Instead of writing cutesy things like “Can’t wait to see you tonight” accompanied by 12 hearts, it’s now “Did you seriously leave the milk out again?”

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