Ask Taylor Swift. There’s a romantic advice column we’d totally read. Swift knows a thing or two about love and she’s not afraid to air it in song or, as she proved this week, on social media. Our favorite balladeer played Dear Abby for a fan in need on Thursday, and totally impressed us with her words of wisdom. It all started when a girl named Hannah asked her hero for advice about an unrequited crush via Instagram:

There’s a guy Taylor, a guy who’s sweet and charming and makes me laugh. A guy who said sorry for eating in front of me after finding out I had to skip breakfast. A guy who grew up across the street from me. A guy who plays guitar like me. A guy who was my first best friend. A guy who I met when I was seven and he was nine. A guy who this one time, when we were younger, said that I was ‘like’ his girlfriend because I was a girl and his friend. I wish. A guy who I have the biggest crush in the whole wide world on, and he’ll never like me back. (And he has a girlfriend who he adores and she’s pretty and has an amazing figure and is actually nice to me). A guy who will never like me back. @taylorswift can you give me some advice maybe. I love you. Hannah.

It would have been easy for Swift to ignore yet another fan query (if all my unanswered letters to Robert Plant are anything to go by, celebrities don’t make a habit of responding to fan mail), but Swift came to the rescue. She shot Hannah this sweet response:

Hannah. Eyes, eyes, eyes. Woah. You have the prettiest, widest, most child like eyes. (Composes herself) Okay. About this guy. I think we grow up thinking the only love that counts as true love is the kind that lasts forever or is fully realized. When you have a broken heart, the first thing a stranger will ask is ‘how long were you two together?’ As if your pain can be determined by how long you were with someone. Or if you were with them at all. I don’t think that’s how it works. I think unrequited love is just as valid as any other kind. It’s just as crushing and just as thrilling. No matter what happens in this situation, I want you to remember that what you are doing is selfless and beautiful and kind. You are loving someone purely because you love them, not because you think you’ll ever have your affections reciprocated. You are admiring something for its beauty, without needing to own it. Feel good about being the kind of person who loves selflessly. I think someday you’ll find someone who loves you in that exact same way. The pop star’s honesty is refreshing, as usual. Though Swift is evidently a diehard romantic, it’s pretty neat how she’s able to synthesize heartbreak into a life lesson. And massive points to anyone who thoughtfully responds to her followers. So in the spirit of Friday-I’m-in-love, here are a few other times when Swift gave killer romantic advice: That’s right, ladies. Remember in the throes of your dumps that there’s a lot of life experience to be gleaned from pain. And of course, love isn’t meant to be entirely sparkly all the time. Here’s a nice shot of perspective: even BEAUTIFUL POP STARS get glanced over, sometimes. And, finally: the sweetest success comes from rising above your pain. Instead of wallowing, try making something out of your lovesickness! I know a girl who’s made a cool gazillion dollars just by telling her truth. (OK, it helped that she’s super good at singing and playing music or whatever.) Images viaWonderland Magazine, Instagram and Tumblr.