Karen Fratti
February 25, 2017 1:10 pm

Sweden’s been in the news a bit lately, ever since President Trump pretended that there were immigrants terrorizing their country. The Swedes took it in stride and had a sense of humor about it, which seems to be how they roll. This week, a Swedish politician suggested that they allow civil servants to have sex on their lunch break, and some people are flipping out.

Honestly, lunch break sex is one of the best kinds of sex, but some Swedish citizens don’t feel like they should have to know that their tax payer dollars are funding a little mid-day romp. You can sort of see where they’re coming from, we suppose.

Politicians and government workers are probably already having sex on their lunch break — why should they make it official?

There’s actual science behind the idea. Per-Erik Muskos, a city council member in Övertorneå, a town on the river bordering Finland, says that there are studies that say a one-hour break to go home and have sex is healthy. Which, by the way, is absolutely true. It relieves stress and keeps you glowing — an active sex life, if you want to have one, is usually good for your soul. As if that weren’t enough, Muskos says it’s also just good the country. “It’s about having better relationships,” he said. And if people are happy, they might not mind the drudgery of their jobs. Or be happier with their spouses and their families.

Hey, the dude has a point.

If you need any more reason to think Sweden is just the best place in the world to live, know that they aren’t debating whether they should pay for it, but whether or not it would increase productivity or just slow people down, daydreaming about the orgasm they plan on having later (or reliving the one they just had).

A German study from 2013 did find that people who get laid more than four times a week make more money, but leaving the office everyday to get off could sort of blow up the work day.

Really, we get distracted just thinking about the cheesecake we may or not get from the coffee shop by the office a few days a week. If you throw sex — with enough time for a cheesecake run on the way back to your computer? OMG, we can’t even handle that.

It’s not like they would force people to have sex. You could use the break for a walk or an actual meal or even a yoga class. ALSO, if it’s just government employees, what if you’re partnered up with someone from the private sector? We’re gonna need more information about how this works if we’re gonna start looking up the requirements for getting a government job in Sweden.