Ah, love. It’s the best feeling in the world (aside from sleeping, nothing beats sleeping). You work so hard to find love, and once you do, you never want to let it go. Because it’s SO HARD TO FIND, you guys. Love can simultaneously make you weak and strong, and it’s probably the most universal feeling of all the feelings. When you’ve been dating someone for a while, and you start to have those uncontrollable stomach-twisting, heart-thumping feelings, you’ll most likely just know. Because that’s what love is — a feeling. And most of the time, you just feel it. But in case you aren’t sure, or need a little help figuring it out, here are 13 signs you’re absolutely, unequivocally, 100% in love.

1. You think of your person constantly You probably should be thinking of other things sometimes too, like work, school, paying bills, eating, etc., but when you’re in love, nope. It’s all about your person.

2. You listen to music you never really liked before Oh, you’re not a country fan, but your person is? Well, guess what. . . you’re a country fan now! Or at least you’ll tolerate it. Why? Because you’re in love, and that’s what people who are in love do.

3. You spend way less time with your friends As much as you want to believe this would never happen to you, it does. When you’re dating someone and wanting to spend all your time with that person, there’s not much time left to spend with your friends. But you’re willing to sacrifice that for a while, because love.

4. You answer your phone and text messages immediately Let’s be real — answering the phone is the worst. And sometimes, answering text messages can be inconvenient as well. But when the person you’re in love with calls or texts, you’re on it. Because what if they have something hilarious to tell you, or what if they’re texting you a selfie from work? Those types of calls and texts require immediate attention.

5. You buy things for your person Before you were in love, the only person you bought things for was yourself — and maybe birthday gifts for your family and closest friends (the ones you really like). But now when you see something you think your person would like, you buy it — because you honestly just can’t help it. 6. If you’re not a dog person, but your person has a dog… You’re now a dog person. You have to be — you really don’t have a choice. Dogs are family, and if you aren’t into your person’s dog… chances are it may not work out. This also holds true for cats, various rodents and reptile pets.

7. Your whole approach to food changes Every meal with your person is memorable—whether it’s a fancy restaurant or a dive. You may also be driven to cook, even if you never have before, because you’re so inspired. You’re driven to taste things for the first time together, to shop for the other person at the grocery store, and to share absolutely everything delicious.

8. You ungrudgingly share your bed For a lot of people, sharing a bed can be a deal breaker. Not everyone sleeps well together. Let’s discuss some things that can go wrong — snoring; late-night TV watching; late-night Instagramming; one person can only sleep with white noise, but the other can’t; one person likes to cuddle, then other doesn’t; sleep kicking; sleep talking; sleep walking; crossing the invisible middle line all the time. . . or the worst, if the bed is just too small. If those things usually bother you (because you’re human), but you don’t even notice them now, you’re in loooooove.

9. You let them eat the last bite of dessert Yeah, it’s definitely love.

10. You introduce your person to all your family and friends Dating ain’t easy. You can’t possibly introduce every person you date to your family and friends — that would be exhausting for everyone involved. Plus, you’re not a maniac. But when you find that special someone, you want your family and friends to love them just as much as you do (but in a different way, obvs).

11. Any self-consciousness you had about PDA is gone You just want to be as close to that person as humanly possible, all the time, no matter where you are. Sure it might be something you used to cringe at, but now it’s just your life, and your life is beautiful.

12. You can isolate their smell… And when you smell something that reminds you of them, you have to tell everyone about it.

13. Speaking of which, you talk about them ALL the time At the grocery store with a friend? “We came here once.” Eating pasta? “You know who loves pasta?” Yeah, you may have lost some conversation skills but it’s totally worth it for that feeling of falling absolutely, 100% in love.

(Featured image via Fox)