Sara Altschule
December 29, 2014 6:00 am

Dating can feel like a game and the first date is like poker — you are either dealt a good hand or a bad hand. Also like in poker, you’re trying to keep a straight face, and not give away your hand too early — you don’t want to be the first at the table to break. And like poker still, we’re not all champions when it comes to the game of love. The saddest scenario is when we don’t pick up on the subtle hints or the clues that it’s actually going really well. Worst case scenario? There’s a great hand right in front of you and you’re looking right through it.

Below are some signs that your first date is total a royal flush. If the signs are there, then this is a gamble you might want to take . . . Ok we’re done with the poker analogy now.

There are moments where you both forget where you are.

When you and your date can’t stop talking to each other and you forget where you are, that means the date is an A+ so far. You two are SO engrossed in one another’s company that you might even forget you’re at a restaurant or a coffee shop. Isn’t that the best feeling ever? Bar none. 

Neither of you have even glanced at your phone.

You could care less about what’s on your Instagram feed or who liked your latest Facebook status. All you care about is the person across the table. Neither you nor your date has touched your phone the whole time. If he or she receives a phone call or a text message and still doesn’t pick up their phone, the message is clear — it’s going well.

One of you has casually touched the other in conversation.

If your date is into you, he or she will find a way to give a little touch. Maybe it’s an arm over the shoulder, or a slight graze of the hand. It’s a hint that your date is definitely ‘feeling’ you.

The waiter keeps coming by to see if you’ve made a decision on what to order.

You two have been so involved in conversation that you haven’t had a chance to look at the menu. And, what’s sitting in front of you looks pretty appetizing (had to). By now the waiter is getting a little annoyed, but that’s the last thing on your mind. You’re having too much fun!

You realize it’s time to leave because the place is closing down.

This date is going great. The conversation is amazing and you can’t stop staring into each other’s eyes. And as you finally look around, you both realize, where have all the people gone? Whoops. You both were too busy with each other to even notice everybody had already left. 

Eye contact 

If “You’re just too good to be true. Can’t take my eyes off of you,” suddenly makes a ton of sense, things are going well. If you two are locking eyes the whole night, it’s quite possible a lip-lock will be in your future too.

You notice small details.

The devil is in the details, and boy oh boy you can spot them. You notice your date’s cute cheek dimple or finger freckle. Or you realize there’s a hint of brown in their green eyes. When you notice the small details of your date, you should also take notice this is a sign you’re at least a little bit interested.

It lingers at the end.

Whether it’s a kiss, a hug, or just a long gaze — the linger says it all. If your date rushes you out the door or doesn’t even walk you to your car, all signs point to no. But, if you and your date are having a great time, neither one of you will want to leave. Hence, the linger. 

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