Allanah Dykes
January 10, 2017 1:37 pm
Warner Bros

If an actor or actress is really good at their craft, when we watch their movie we think of them in character, not as the actual celebrity. It is always interesting to see when celebrities go on press tours and discuss what it was like filming their respective movie before they come out. So when we heard Miller and Affleck spent an entire day shooting sex scenes for their new movie Live By Night we couldn’t help but laugh along with Miller.

In Ben Affleck’s new movie, which he of course wrote, directs and stars in, he will pay gangster Joe Coughlin. Sienna Miller will co-star as Irish vixen, Emma Gould. While being interviewed by E! News anchor Maria Menounos, Miller told her that in order to bring Dennis Lehane’s novel to the big screen, Affleck and her had to film multiple sex scenes.

“There was a montage in the script saying we did it everywhere: in the car, in the bar…I was like, ‘That’s an entire day of just love scenes! OK. How do we do this?'” Miller remembered. “Obviously, by the time nine hours of it has gone past, I was shaking with tears running down my face. I mean, I can’t tell you — but you have to laugh. Ben is just professional. It is what it is.”

Here’s what Affleck thought of Miller’s words:

We aren’t sure if we will be able to view the sex scenes in this movie the same without picturing Sienna Miller laughing at Ben Affleck! But any movie with Affleck playing a gangster, we are for sure going to be in line at the movie theater. He just plays those roles oh so well.