Plus, it can be used on vaginas, too.

Gabrielle Kassel
Oct 12, 2020 @ 1:29 pm
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Considering I’m a vagina-owner who primarily sleeps with other vagina-owners, and only people with penises have prostates, I am definitely not the target audience for the world's first vibrating prostate massager, the Lelo Loki Wave.  

But as a sex toy reviewer, I make it my mission to give every non-porous sex toy I get sent a try. So, when this sleek silicone diddy showed up at my door, I put my phone on airplane mode, stripped to my briefs, cued up The Weekend, and got to work. And boy oh boy is my bod glad I did. 

Read on for my full review of the Lelo Loki Wave—with insight as to why I think sex-havers of all genders, genitals, sexualities, and relationship status should give it a try. 

Meet the Lelo Loki Wave

Made by Lelo, a Sweden-based pleasure product company known for their innovative sex tech and sensual, sleek designs, the Loki Wave is exactly as it’s advertised: a vibrating prostate massager. 

Typically, because they’re designed to stimulate the prostate—the nerve-dense hotspot located about two inches inside the anal canal—prostate massagers look like curved butt plugs. 

And while the Loki Wave features one appendage with that curved shape, “the toy itself looks more like a rabbit vibrator than a prostate massager,” says Dr. Zhana Vrangalova, Ph.D., professor of human sexuality at New York University and resident sexpert for Lelo. "It has that same two-arm design.” 

Unlike rabbit vibrators—which feature one arm for G-spot or A-spot stimulation and a shorter nub for clitoral stimulation—the Loki Wave has one arm designed to stimulate the prostate, while its smaller external stem is designed to stimulate the perineum. (The perineum is the pinch of skin between the front genitals and bum). Basically, the Loki Wave is a rabbit vibrator but for prostate-owners. 

My experience with the Loki Wave

Before bringing the toy to my bits, I spent some time acquainting myself with its controls. After all, it’s pretty damn hard to make a vibrator work for you when you don’t know how to work it. 

Right away, I’m impressed by how intuitive the buttons are. You turn it on by pressing the big ‘ole button in the middle. The arrow controls modulate the modes. And the “-” and “+” control the vibration setting. 

With this new knowledge under my belt, I got it under my belt. I started by turning on the lowest setting and teasing myself over my briefs. When my hips started bucking off the bed—my body’s tell that I’m ready for penetrative play—I grabbed some water-based lubricant, dripped some over myself and the toy, and then slowly eased the longer arm into my vagina. 

Honestly, it felt better than my other go-to G-spot vibrators, thanks to its unique vibrations. “The vibrations aren’t really vibrations at all but instead a 'come hither' motion that’s designed to move like a finger,” says Dr. Vrangalova. Lelo calls this movement pattern the wave motion, and it's provided the exact consistent stimulation I enjoy against my G-spot. In other words, it felt good...very good.

The Loki Wave toy did something else to my body that no other toy I’ve used before has: It stimulated my pubic mound. The fleshy blip at the base of your belly, right above your labia, is an often-ignored erogenous zone. But with the help of this “prostate” massager’s second arm, mine wasn’t.

Dr. Vrangalova wasn’t surprised. According to her, what sets the Loki Wave apart from other toys on the market is the distance between the two arms. “The angle between the two parts of the Loki Wave exists to accommodate the difference in anatomical distance between the anus and the perineum,” she says. 

Apparently, the distance between my vagina and the pubic mound is the same as the distance between most penis-owners' prostates and perineums. But Dr. Vrangalova says that if other vagina-owners used the Loki Wave vaginally, they may not have the same experience. “Someone with a vagina could use the Loki Wave and find that the little arm stimulates their clitoris just like a rabbit vibrator would,” she says. “I’m a person with a vagina, and, personally, I found that the Loki Wave feels great on my clit and perineum.” 

She also recommended that I—and other vagina-owners—explore using the Loki Wave for anal-perineum stimulation. “The vibration and come-hither motion will feel great anally whether you have a prostate or not,” says Dr. Vrangalova. I haven’t yet tried that because my anus hasn’t been trained for a toy that big. But when it is, you bet I’ll be taking her advice. 

Lelo Loki Wave Dynamic Vibrating Prostate Massager

Why you should buy the Loki Wave

Anecdotal evidence aside, the Loki Wave is a worthwhile investment. For starters, it’s intuitive to operate. And unlike most vibrators, which come in neon pinks, reds, and purples and scream S-E-X, this babe comes in black and blue and has a more subtle (ahem) vibe. 

If you have a vagina, you can, like me, use it vaginally as you would any other rabbit vibrator or G-spot stimulator. You may find that it targets your clit just right. Or you may enjoy that the toy hits a part of your body you’re not used to having pleasured. It all depends on the shape of your anatomy! And, if you or your partner has a prostate or generally enjoy anal, you can use the toy as it was intended: to stimulate your nerve-dense bum.  

Of course, no sex toy is one size fits all, so I can’t promise the Loki Wave will change your (sex) life. But considering it's a G-spot vibrator, anal stimulator, prostate massager, pubic mound teaser, and rabbit vibrator all at once, odds are in favor of this five-in-one toy.