Your body deserves some TLC, after all.

Amanda Chatel
Dec 17, 2020 @ 7:02 pm
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This was a challenging year, to say the least, and how we chose to cope varied from person to person. Some of us rediscovered ourselves, some screamed into the void, and many of us realized that, yes, happy hour can still exist over Zoom. Our bodies and minds, on the other hand, changed a great deal with what was happening, and for a lot of people, one of those changes was in our libidos. Some of us lost our sex drives, while others felt the opposite and found new sex toys to play with.

The good news is that sex toy companies didn’t let the pandemic stand in the way of releasing new products that could help us cope. And if there ever was a year to invest in some of the best sex toys, 2020 is definitely it.

Whether you’re buying for your next hot masturbation session, for you and your partner(s), or for that friend who needs a new toy in their life, here are the best sex toys that came out this year that you can buy before you officially bid 2020 adieu and kick its ass to the curb.

Best sex toys:

1. Zumio E


For those who need clitoral stimulation to climax, the Zumio E is the toy you need to add to your goodie drawer before 2020 is out. It’s built precisely to hit the nail on the head, so to speak, and its elliptical rotation pattern is out of this world. Fun fact: Although the clitoris is packed with 8,000 pleasure-inducing nerves, different regions of the clitoris are more sensitive than others. Because of this, Zumio E’s shape is ideal for pinpointing that money spot and bringing you to total toe-curling ecstasy.

2. Peace & Love Tie-Dye Rimming Plug


If there’s anything the world needs now, it’s a whole lot of peace and love. And for some of us, that comes in the form of anal play. As we watch the taboo of anal play slip further and further away (finally!), b-Vibe remains ahead of the curve when it comes to all things booty related. And because we saw tie-dye make a major comeback this year, the release of their Peace & Love Tie-Dye Rimming Plug came out just in the nick of time. Silicone, splash-proof, and with seven rotation patterns, this is what newcomers and seasoned butt-play lovers need.

3. Sweet Vibes Charmed


In the last few years, Sweet Vibes has made a name for itself when it comes to vibrators. They don’t mess around with fancy technology, as some toys do, and they keep their prices really reasonable, which is perfect for those who want a killer orgasm but don’t have the money to drop on a toy. This year, Sweet Vibes added Charmed to their collection. Ergonomically made to help prevent hand cramps during long masturbation sessions and with a curved tip that lays perfectly against your clitoris or G-spot, Charmed has a lot to offer people with vulvas.

4. Lelo Soraya Wave


Compared to these other brands, Lelo is the old kid on the block. Originally launched in 2003, Lelo makes sex toys that aren’t just beautiful and high-quality—they can definitely hold their own as sex toy technology changes and evolves, too. In other words, Lelo won’t be outdone by the new kids on the block. For instance, the brand launched Lelo Soraya Wave this year. The rabbit massager provides double the pleasure as it stimulates both the clitoris and G-spot at the same time. Waterproof for bathtub play, Lelos inspiration for this particular product was “the caress of a lover’s fingertips.” Personally, I found it more enjoyable than any fingertips I’ve encountered, but that’s just me.

5. Poco by MysteryVibe


When Poco by MysteryVibe hit the market in February of this year, it was the immediate answer for anyone who loves bullet vibrators for two reasons: its size and, even more importantly, its ability to bend any way you want. That’s right: a bendable bullet vibe. With two motors, 16 levels of intensity, and the ability to bend so it can be worn for hands-free fun, Poco is basically hitting the jackpot for bullet vibe fans.

6. Le Wand Arch Wand Metal Dildo


I don’t want to play favorites, but if there was a toy that really won me over this past year, it was the Le Wand Stainless Steel Collection—Bow especially. Why? It resulted in me “squirting,” also known as female ejaculation, for the first time ever. However, if you're looking for something a little familiar, opt for the Arch Wand Metal Dildo. It will provide a direct connection to your G-spot, which is something we all need in our lives every now and then.

7. Emojibator Paula Kitty Cat Kegel Ball Vibrator


Because sexual pleasure should be fun, the Emojibator decided to add some extra fun to our sexual adventures—and this year was no different as they introduced squid-, cupcake-, and ice cream-shaped vibrators to their line as well as the remote-controlled Paula Kitty Cat Kegel Ball Vibrator. If you’re going to do your Kegels, then you might as well enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

8. We-Vibe Nova 2


Despite being known as the brand that introduced the world to long-distance sex play, We-Vibe has continued to grow and add new toys to their collection. One of the toys they added this year was the We-Vibe Nova 2 that, similar to other rabbit vibrators, stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot at the same time. And, true to We-Vibe style, the We-Connect app allows for long-distance play.

It should be noted that most of these products are either currently on sale or will be on sale through the New Year. Both Le Wand and b-Vibe, for example, will be giving away free goodies with every order over $50, and MysteryVibe as well as Babeland are offering 20% off. So be sure to check your favorite brands and retailers for upcoming holiday sale dates. Happy orgasming!