Briana Hansen
March 16, 2016 11:29 am

You usually don’t need to take an online test to know whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert (although they’re super fun to take nonetheless). That particular personality trait is pretty obvious in your daily life (and your nightly activities).

And while introverts may take more time to analyze and quietly contemplate their experiences with sex, that doesn’t mean their more boisterous and social counterparts don’t have their very own special experiences while doing the deed. 

Here are just a few of the things that are so, so very true about sex when you’re an extrovert.

Attraction is a piece of cake.

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We extroverts love to get out of our comfort zones. Our natural love for being in groups means we’re always meeting new people we could be attracted to. And since we genuinely love to talk and are great at chatting with people, it doesn’t take too long for us to find a new partner to get intimate with (if that’s what we happen to be looking for—which it isn’t always).

Getting the party started is no problem.


As naturally assertive people, we’ve got no problem taking the first steps towards initiating intimacy. Extroverts’ playful and open nature make it easy to connect. Plus, we’re good in leadership roles, so we’ll happily grab you by the collar and pull you in for that first kiss if the vibe is right.

Talking is helpful (and easy).

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Communication is key in any successful relationship. And even if you’re relationship doesn’t last more than a night or two, communication can help you make the most of it. Extroverts love to talk and we usually have no issues communicating our needs, which makes it easy to get the most out of sexy time.

It’s energizing.

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For extroverts, being around people is energizing. We recharge when others are around and become drained with too much time alone. Being with someone all night (and maybe even sleeping next them) is more delightful than spending all that time alone.

Confidence is (usually) not an issue.


Extroverts tend to know their strengths and have no problem communicating them. They don’t overthink situations too much and (usually) don’t spend hours analyzing. We tend to learn by doing, letting the thinking come only after action. That often means just buckling up and treading head-first into a situation, which translates to a healthy level of confidence. And this carries over to the bedroom.

Being the center of attention is a treat.

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Let’s be honest: There are lots of different ways to enjoy your sexuality. For many people, it can be uncomfortable to (*ahem*) let a partner please you. Maybe you’ve been conditioned not to put yourself first or maybe you just get super nervous about what face you’re making and have a hard time staying in the moment. Luckily for extroverts, we tend to embrace getting lots of attention. Extroverted personalities feed off the attention of others, making it at least a little easier to relax and enjoy the moment.

Sexy comes from the inside, not the outside.

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While we’d love for our romantic encounters to take place in sexy locations with lots of rose petals, that’s not always (okay, not even usually) the case. Sometimes, the only place you can get a little privacy is a dank studio apartment shared with three cats. Luckily, for extroverts, that’s usually not a big problem. Extroverts can get comfortable in pretty much any situation. We easily welcome people into our space and naturally make ourselves comfortable wherever we are.

There are all sorts of different personalities in the world and that’s A-OK.

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In addition to being comfortable anywhere, extroverts also tend to feel comfortable around just about anyone. Extroverts are used to meeting lots of different personalities and can pretty organically get comfortable with anyone. We get a kick out of people that are different, finding the experience exciting and interesting. As a result, it’s hard to throw off an extrovert (and therefore easier to focus on the task at hand).

Variety is the spice of life.


Extroverted personalities thrive on variety. Whether you’re in a new relationship or a long-term one, it’s fun to try new things. We tend to be the “try anything once” types, which can make for some stimulating bedroom adventures.

Snuggles are still the best.


Despite seeming fierce and invincible (mostly from talking so much to anyone about anything), extroverts can be surprisingly gentle. Since we find it easy to make lots of friends, we sometimes get a reputation for preferring less intimate friendships, but really, we thrive on deep connection like anyone else. Extroverts thrive on constant connection and attention. And if you’re willing to give that, any rambunctious extrovert will happily melt quietly into your arms.

It’s not (always) personal.

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Of course sex is an intimate experience. But let’s be honest, it’s not always as perfectly romantic (or perfectly coordinated) as we imagine. Things can go awry and weird stuff can happen. But, extroverted personalities tend not to over-analyze a situation, which can take the pressure off anyone involved. On the flip side though, we’ll be super honest about what’s not working, and need partners who can take that honesty at face value and not worry that something deeper is wrong with the relationship.

No matter how it goes, it’ll make a great story.

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Extroverts love to share. We connect with others, often by sharing personal stories from our lives and yeah, that includes sexytime stories. Extroverts know that even the worst sexual encounter has value—as a hilarious story, if nothing else.