Karen Fratti
March 09, 2017 4:53 am
Dean Drobot/Getty Images

If you like to have sex, you already probably know that it can be a great stress reliever, workout, and just a damn good time. But a new study suggests that having more sex is good for your career, too. So if you’re holding back from putting yourself out there on the dating scene, you might want to rethink your long game.

Researchers from Oregon State University pored over the sexual and work habits of 159 people over two weeks. They had participants fill out two surveys every day, and found that the people who were having more sex had better moods and that those better moods extended to higher energy and engagement levels at work throughout the day. Those who were having more sex also reported higher job satisfaction, which is usually key to productivity when you’re in the office.

This energy and mood boost seems to last about 24 hours after the deed was done. All the participants were married, so sex was sort of on the table all the time, which made things a bit more convenient. If participants had gone out and pick up a one night stand that you sort of regret, the results could have been a little different. But the sex effect is real.

Lead researcher Keith Leavitt, who is a professor at the university’s College of Business, said:

It’s entirely possible you’ve felt this before. Who among us doesn’t know that getting laid can make time fly and put a smile on your face. Technically, it’s because of the dopamine and oxytocin that’s released when you orgasm, but you can also give an awesome partner some credit, too.

So what does this mean? Since it was run by a business school, it means that professionals should remember that making it easy for employees to go home and spend time with their family is actually better in the long run. Hopefully, companies find out and start giving employees some time to get busy. After all, France recently passed an order that requires employers to let employees completely unplug; In Sweden, the parliament is considering mandating that employees have sex on their lunch break. The Europeans know what’s up. Come on America, it’s a scientific fact.