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Jess Lau and Jon Sukarangsan are taking over the Internet and that soft space in our hearts in their “save the date” video — which is on the verge of going bonkers viral. Why? Oh, because the adorable couple re-enacted their romance in a whimsical Wes Anderson cinematic fashion, and it has our feels reeling. The video, which is filmed in New York, features their favorite foods (sushi and pasta), favorite music (Taylor Swift and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs), movies (both enjoy old-timey flicks), and more. With ethereal clips of their adventures in Mexico and Thailand, this video makes us want to crash this couple’s wedding in the worst way!

In terms of how they put the project together and using their favorite director Wes Anderson as their muse, Jess told The Huffington Post, “We don’t always have the same taste in everything, but one thing we always agree on is that Wes Anderson’s aesthetic is brilliant. It’s his mix of style, music and vintage design. And that amazing color palette! We hope we did it some justice, and definitely took cues from his films, while trying to put our own spin on it.” Using bright, pop-y colors that remind us of Moonrise Kingdom and The Royal Tenenbaums, and Camera Obscura’s song “French Navy” as the soundtrack, Jess and Jon created the perfect homage to their love AND artistic inspirations.

For a little bit of background on our bride and groom-to-be: The two met back in ’08 when Lau was involved with a nonprofit, organizing an event that Jon came to. The two quickly became friends and got pizza together afterward. According HuffPo, the pizza shop owner asked Jon if Jess was his wife. And to this, Jon replied “Not yet.” Naturally, the two realized what they had was much deeper than a causal friendship, and started dating. The rest was… movie history!

Check out their visual wedding invite right below. It’s cool if you wanna dance a little.

But hold up. Jess and Jon’s story gets even cuter. On their wedding website, they created an entire comic series of their relationship.

If you love pretty photographs, their site also has a collection of pictures they took while traveling the world. So yeah. We weren’t kidding when we said this was the best “save the date” ever!

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