Ryan Reynolds says there's competition between Blake Lively and his BFF Jake Gyllenhaal

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There might be someone stepping in the middle of dream team Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. Reynolds revealed there’s competition between new BFF Jake Gyllenhaal and wife Blake Lively, but of course in the cutest, most hilarious way possible.

Reynolds and Gyllenhaal are working together on the upcoming film Life, and they’ve apparently become super close — like, besties close.

TBH, we’re surprised the guys weren’t already friends, but better late than never.

Their friendship seems to have incited a healthy competition in the kitchen. Reynolds sat down to chat with Good Morning America about his latest role, and he couldn’t help but gush about Gyllenhaal and their new friendship.

“I’ve done probably almost 50 movies in 24 years, and every time you work with people, you’re like, ‘I’m gonna hang out with this guy all the time!’ And you never see them again,” Reynolds told GMA.

But that’s not what happened with Gyllenhaal. “We’re hanging out all the time!” Reynolds added. “[He’s] easily the most interesting actor working in Hollywood…one of the kindest guys I’ve ever met.”

While their newfound friendship is blossoming, some fierce competition seems to be going on between Gyllenhaal and Lively.

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“Blake, my wife, is…very good at cooking, and Jake might be just a little bit better,” Reynolds revealed. “It gets very competitive between those two.”

Well that’s certainly a competition we’d like to witness! Hey Ryan, if you need any taste testers to determine the real winner, we’re available and ready to eat.

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