Rugby - Olympics: Day 3
Credit: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Emotions tend to run high during the Olympic games, but when you add love into the mix, there’s no stopping the waterfall flowing from your eyes. On Monday night, Brazilian rugby player, Isadora Cerullo, experienced one of the Rio Games’ sweetest moments to date when her partner of two years, Marjorie Enya, proposed shortly after the rugby medal ceremony. She said yes!

After Australia won the gold, Enya grabbed a mic on the pitch and began proposing to Cerullo. “I know rugby people are amazing, and they would embrace it,” Enya told BBC Sport.

Enya and Cerullo’s engagement at the Olympics isn’t just a good feel story. While gay marriage is legal in Brazil, there are still one too many countries competing at the games that criminalize their love.

Credit: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

The couples’ display of affection was inherently going to be viewed by many as a political act, but Enya had no qualms about popping the big question in front of the world because “[Cerullo] is the love of my life.” She added, “I wanted to show people that love wins.”

Credit: Alexander Hassenstein/Getty Images

Yes, Enya! Love ALWAYS wins! Congratulations to the happy couple!