I really believe that romantic comedies are the best movies, because they combine two already great things: romance and comedy. They are also very, very quotable, whether you’re looking for the words to sincerely convey affection, or you just want to be hilarious. Here are some rom-com quotes we’ll be using a lot of:

From Bridget Jones’ Diary:

Have more perfect words ever been stated by a more perfect man? No, no they have not.

From Miss Congeniality:

We have all said some variation of this to someone at some point.

From (500) Days Of Summer:

This is just so poignant, and I’m secretly waiting for the day I can use this on someone, but mostly I’m dreading the day someone uses it on me.

I still feel compelled to use this quote every time someone uses either “overwhelmed” or “underwhelmed” in a conversation.

From Love Actually:

Does it count as a quote if it’s not spoken out loud? I don’t care, it’s still wonderful.

From How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days:

I use this on people every time they neglect a gift I’ve given them.

From Garden State:

Useful as a pickup line, or when you’re trying to get your friends to listen to the new band you’re obsessed with.

From Legally Blonde:

While not romantic, this is useful when someone tries to be condescending.

From When Harry Met Sally:

Or as Danny Castellano misquoted it, “I’ll have whatever’s giving her an orgasm.”

This one is sweet in the context of the movie, and so useful in real life. Just replace “hello” with whatever’s relevant to your situation.

From Dirty Dancing:


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