Close up of centerpiece at wedding reception
Credit: OJO Images/iStock/Getty

If you need something to restore your faith in humanity today, here’s this: After calling off her wedding, a woman decided to throw the party for the homeless instead.

Sarah Cummins, a 25-year-old pharmacy student at Purdue, called off her engagement a week before the wedding day. She told The Indianapolis Star that she preferred not to say why they canceled the wedding.

Cummins and her ex-fiancé Logan Araujo had been planning the $30,000 wedding for two years and were not allowed to cancel their venue or food after calling off the engagement. false

Cummins says she decided to invite homeless people in the Indianapolis and Noblesville areas to her party instead.

Party guests will certainly eat well: Cummins says chicken breast with artichokes and chardonnay cream sauce, bourbon-glazed meatballs, and goat cheese bruschetta are on the menu.

Cummins’ ex-fiancé says he’s also happy with the decision to put the venue to good use.